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3 New Year's business resolutions everyone can achieve

'All great leaders are readers' - Alexander the Great

It’s that time of year when many businesses start considering their resolutions for the new year. While resolutions can sometimes be daunting and far reaching, they can often be the basis of your goals for the whole year. If you’re stuck on what your resolution might be, we’ve got a few suggestions that will help you decide on your 2019 New Year’s Resolution.

Learn something new

Whether it’s taking a course to increase your business productivity or developing a new skill in your down time; encouraging yourself or staff members to learn something new will be a great use of your time. You may find confidence increases because your knowledge or skills have. So, whether it’s something personal or for business development, you may find learning something new has further benefits as a knock-on effect.

Give yourself praise

When you are your own boss there is no-one to give you approval or motivating praise other than yourself. If you’ve found 2018 stressful or demoralising, you should look back and consider all the good things that have come out of it. Giving yourself some credit for what you’ve achieved rather than focusing on the bad will help you begin the new year with a positive mindset. Optimism is the best way to start a new beginning after all!

Make more connections

Perhaps networking hasn’t been your strongest point this year. Could making more connections help your business to succeed in 2019? Would you get a good feeling from helping someone else in business? We can help with this one, as both Market House in Aylesbury and Perch Coworking Community in Bicester hold events for professionals to network and make the connections they need. Perch also hosts Bicester Business Buzz networking BicesterJelly, pop-up events geared for sole traders to come together for the day to work alongside likeminded people.

Networking can help with lots of other skills too, including; presenting, listening and learning about other industries, maybe even selling. So, whether it’s setting a goal to find a networking opportunity, renewing connections with past clients or making sure you attend one of the events held in a Point of Difference venue, there are lots of ways you can make this resolution work for you and your business.

For more information about upcoming events visit markethouseaylesbury.co.uk or perchcoworking.co.uk. If you would like us to host your event give Andy or Vashti a call at Perch, Bicester: 01869 6690126, or Market House, Aylesbury: 01296 340462.

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