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Andy and Vashti Bedwell understand the Difficulties New Businesses Face

We understand the difficulty, you’ve come up with a great idea with lots of potential, but now you want to make it a reality. Starting your new business can get messy, not to mention the confusion that comes with finances. Andy and Vashti Bedwell (who run Market House) understand new businesses and the initial difficulties they face, and that’s why they are here to give you a helping hand, so that you can achieve excellence. Market House offer start-up businesses grant opportunities and help new businesses to find the right connections to get started, so the task of navigating the minefield becomes a lot less stressful.

Here are a few ways that we can do to help you get started.

Important Introductions

We have excellent connections to individuals within Bucks Business First (BBF) and can help you get in touch with the right people. BBF offers a range of capital and revenue grants that we can help you get access to through our connections. These grants can be used in order to set up infrastructure, marketing materials, campaigns and promotions. So, while Market House don’t provide the funding for this, we can cut out numerous steps to help you get in touch with those who can.

So how do we do this? For example, BBF offers SMEs a ‘Growth Grant’ in which you can apply for up to £1000 for a project costing £3000 or more. Market House can help you to apply for this by pointing you in the right direction and cutting out multiple steps that may be a hurdle prior to application. We know BBF and so we can help you navigate it.

Space to Create

Here at Market House, we want to help small businesses to get onto their feet and often this means helping with the initial difficulty of finding space to work that doesn’t cost them the Earth. There are a couple of ways we can help with this:

Grants from Bucks Business First within Market House - We have sponsored grants available from Bucks Business First within Market House. In this respect, we will provide you with a space and BBF will put some money towards it to help you pay for three months. Helping you in your business’ initial days get into a fully serviced office and productively begin your endeavours without breaking the bank.

The ‘Town Centre Partnership Grant’ - We offer a ‘Town Centre Partnership Grant’ which would give a subsidised membership at Market House to companies with connections to the Town Centre. The amount subsidised is completely at our discretion and is decided based on our discussions with you about what your business most needs. Whether that’s a space to grow your business or a place to hold meetings with clients, we can help.

Flexible Plans and Inclusive Rates

Whilst we are keen to help start-ups, we don’t ever forget about our current members and understand that business has its ups and downs. That’s why we also have ways to help members who may be in a difficult spot. Our membership plans are flexible and can be increased or decreased when circumstances change. We are also able to use our connections with Bucks Business First to help our members to feel supported and gain information about financial support and grants that are available to SMEs within Buckinghamshire.

For more information about Market House and our support for new and existing members, just give us a call on 01296 340 462 or email us at markethouse@pointofdifference.co.uk

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