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How Market House members can use Perch Co-working Community in Bicester to their advantage.

Members of Market House in Aylesbury also have access to Perch Co-Working Community in Bicester.

As an added extra to your membership at Market House in Aylesbury, you’ll have access to Perch Co-working Community in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Perch is an eclectic space in the heart of Bicester town centre, with a relaxed home from home vibe designed for people with start-up, micro and small businesses to work in a professional, yet comfortable space.

Perch is less than 40 minutes away from Market House and is a valuable space where visionaries can bring their ideas to life and more established companies have the space to think outside the box. By breaking down the barriers of the traditional office space, Perch encourages innovation and networking between creative and supportive individuals.

Here are 5 ways that you can use Perch to benefit you and your business.

1. A Change of Scenery

We can appreciate that sometimes being within the same four walls of your office can become distracting. This is why we are providing our Market House members with access to the Perch Co-working Community, as you can escape those walls and visit somewhere new. A change of scenery could spark new innovations and give you a new motivation for your profession. By using Perch, you can feel confident that you’ll be just as professionally inspired as you are in your own office, but with the added excitement of different surroundings.

2. A New Community

The aim of Perch is to cultivate a thriving community of workers, enabling people to come together and create great things. By providing Market House members with honorary membership to Perch, Point of Difference have enabled all of their co-working members to thrive and network in multiple professional environments. Fresh faces often cultivate fresh ideas, and Perch’s co-working community could be a great environment for you to think outside of the box. At Perch, small businesses succeed and work in an open plan space amongst each other. By using your Market House membership at Perch, you can meet new people in a similar community who are just as motivated and creative as those in Market House and develop new ideas for your business.

3. Networking and Events

In addition to the usual business facilities, Perch often holds free member events within its Bicester base which encourage networking and opportunity. Networking is excellent, as many leads and business referrals come from face-to-face recommendations from your connections. From performances of plays to workshops, Perch’s events offer its members the opportunity to meet new individuals, learn about their businesses and form the useful connections which will find them the leads or services they need.

4. Convenient Location

Located in Bicester town centre, Perch is just over half an hour away from Market House. It can be difficult to find an appropriate environment to hold meetings out of the office; Perch could be the perfect place to meet formally with current and potential clients that are based within the Oxfordshire area or slightly further afield. With two meeting rooms available for your use, you could arrange for your meeting to be in Perch’s relaxed environment, whilst still maintaining the professional feel that you may not get by meeting in a café or hotel lobby. Not to mention the access to quality coffee and an assortment of comfortable seats and desks.

5. The Community Space

As Perch is a thriving co-working community, it also has excellent connections to Bicester’s local community groups and charities which will soon be able to hire meeting rooms with sponsorship by supporting businesses. Perhaps you are looking for a community project or charity for your business to support. Using Perch could be an easy way to make these connections. Look out for the first community networking event coming in 2019, where you can make these important community connections.

To enquire about offices and hot desks at Market House in Aylesbury, you can contact us by calling 01296 340 462 or email us at markethouse@pointofdifference.co.uk. For more information about Perch Co-working Community in Bicester, visit the website – perchcoworking.co.uk

Created by Point of Difference 2018

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